What if animals could talk? What do you think they would tell us?

Probably, they would spend a lot of their time calling us names and telling us to get off their properties.

Here are the seven animals that you would apparently stay away from no matter how cute they are.

7. The Mute Swan

Cutest Animals

Swans are known worldwide for their spectacular beauty and grace, and they are often considered one of nature’s gentlest creatures, but the mute swan has an aggressive dark side that has been proven to be both dangerous, and in some cases deadly.

Overly combative, mute swans are known to bite, piss and attack anyone who disturbs their nesting process and have even drowned children who tried to play with them. Their powerful wings and long necks aid in the attack, allowing them to make quick painful strikes with hidden razor-sharp teeth that can easily tear the skin.

It’s best to leave mute swans to their own devices and to resist the temptation of trying to feed or pet them. Head over to the next page…