There are so many creatures that exist in different parts of the world. They all have amazing features that can also be sometimes shocking, we realize there are so many adorable animals out there that have not been popularly recognized for reasons such as their nocturnal nature or the kind of habitat they live in.

we have made out this list for the top 12 cutest animals in our opinion, it is important that we know these animals so we can appreciate them more.

12. The Mandarin Ducks

adorable animals

These beautiful creatures are simply amazing; they seem to be aware of their beauty from the way they swim around their habitat- lakes, and ponds with a majestic air around them. The mandarin ducks are found in South East Asia and some parts of America.

11. The Bottlenose Dolphins

adorable animals

These adorable creatures are so cute if I had my way I would have named it the cutest animal in the world. The bottlenose dolphins are very friendly animals, they are extremely intelligent as well. They have been domesticated too; you can see and interact with these adorable animals in many zoos.

10. Hedgehogs

adorable animals

The hedgehog is not only an adorable animal; it is also protected from falling prey to snakes. It is funny how the cutest animals are not seemingly vulnerable to predators. The hedgehog will make a wonderful family pet because of its calm and harmless nature.

9. Little Penguins

adorable animals

There is no way we could make a list of the most adorable animals and leave out the baby penguin. They look so adorable in their infancy, growing up to become beautiful adults as well.

8. Northern Pygmy Owls 

adorable animals

These adorable animals can be found in the Northern part of America, they have been reported to be the smallest species of the owl family. They are also the cutest among the owl family, displaying their colors which are usually different shades of gray. The Northern pygmy owl definitely deserves a spot on our list of top 12 cutest animals in the world.

7. Koala Bears

adorable animals

The koala Bear is so cute; they have a distinctive harmless expression on their faces that encourage people to interact with them. These adorable animals have been used for many media campaigns because of their adorable features.

6. Arctic Foxes

adorable animals

The arctic foxes have adapted to their cold habitats where they top the list of cutest animals that live in the arctic region. Their distinctive snow white fur makes them look even more adorable. It can take up to days to get a good picture of these adorable animals in their cold habitat.

5. Red Pandas

adorable animals

The red pandas share the same name with the regular giant pandas we know though there is no known genetic link between them. They are commonly spotted in the Himalayas regions and Southwestern china. The shade of their reddish fur makes them look so cute; the infants are even more adorable.

4. Pomeranian Dogs

adorable animals

Yes, there had to be a dog breed in our list of cutest animals in the world. The Pomeranian dogs are small breeds that have become very popular pets in the US. People are mostly drawn to their small features, they also make great pets.

3. Bunnies

adorable animals

The wonderful thing about bunnies is that they retain their cuteness all through their lives-f from infancy to adulthood. These adorable animals can be seen in different colors and shades. They are herbivores, friendly and they make excellent family pets.

2. Fennec Foxes

adorable animals

The Fennec Foxes are simply the cutest animals I have ever photographed. They are so cute with their oversized ears that distinguish them. They definitely deserve a spot on any list of the cutest animals in the world. They can be easily domesticated due to their playful nature; they will be excellent family pets.

1. Persian Cats

adorable animals

The gentle nature of the Persian cats makes it one of the most adorable animals in the world. They are harmless and very easy to cater for as pets. In my opinion (which I know is largely shared by many others) the Persian cat stands out as the cutest cat among other cat breeds.

Photos Credit Pexels