Don’t you just love dogs? What I really love about them is that they have very funny traits that make them adorable animals. It is also thrilling that there are very many breeds of dogs to choose from if you need a dog as a pet. We wonder if you might want to pick a lazy dog. Some dog owners prefer these kinds of dogs because they are easier to handle, the laziest dog breeds will not make a fuss trying to get you outdoors with them, and they can practically lie on their beds and sleep all day long. We have compiled a list of the dog for lazy owners.

1.The English BullDog

Laziest Dog BreedsThey really don’t want to be bothered when they have had enough to eat. The English Bull Dog has been spotted in viral videos skating and performing other funny acts that require them to sit or stand still. This lazy dog is actually very adorable, loving and they will stay by your side as long as you want for company.

2.The French Bulldog

Laziest Dog BreedsThis adorable dog has very funny looks that make it so good for the company. You will hardly be able to stop yourself from smiling just by watching this dog play or beg for food. It is the perfect choice for dog owners who need to learn how to show love to your dog love. It takes the second spot on our list of best lazy dogs.

3.The Bullmastiff

Laziest Dog BreedsThis breed was known to be very strong and used for work in the farms, but I guess all that is in the past now. The Bullmastiff has secured a position on the laziest dog breeds we know. They are big and strong but usually unwilling to go outdoors for some exercise.

4.The Clumber Spaniel

Laziest Dog BreedsThis is one of the larger spaniel breeds. Its size is more suitable for lying down on your couch rather than running around keeping you busy with cleaning up its is one of the best dogs for lazy owners.

5.The Pug

Laziest Dog BreedsTwo words to describe the pug is a lazy dog. The pug is actually one of the cutest animals though if you appreciate the kind of cuteness dogs can have. It has large eyes that stare out at you waiting for an invitation to leap on your couch with you for another long sleeping session. It will make one of the best dogs for lazy owners.


Laziest Dog BreedsI am sure you are not surprised the Pekingese made this list for the laziest dog breeds. Its physical features are really adorable. It is one of the best lazy dogs we know.

7.The English Mastiff

Laziest Dog BreedsThe English Mastiff is large breed; it is also very strong so we wonder why it prefers to conserve all that strength by sleeping more than it should. We had to include the English Mastiff on this list for the laziest dogs after realizing it is not a really active dog but perfect as a companion indoors.

8.Saint Bernard

Laziest Dog BreedsThis is a large breed that looks very fearsome, but it is a gentle giant. They are great dogs for the family who needs the best dog for lazy owners.


Laziest Dog BreedsThe Havanese is bred for this purpose, it is especially recommended as the best dog for lazy owners. It is perfectly comfortable just sitting on your couch or legs as long as you let it. They are also really adorable animals and quite intelligent.

10.The Chihuahua

Laziest Dog BreedsThis is one adorable dog breed that has a lot of character in its small frame. They are usually more comfortable indoors in the comfort of your bed but they enjoy long walks as well. It is one of the popular picks for the laziest dog breeds, loved by owners who need a lazy dog.


Laziest Dog BreedsThese are really adorable giants, they look mean but they make the best companion for lazy dog owners because of the need very little exercise.

12.Glen of Imaal Terrier

Laziest Dog BreedsThis breed will make the list of the world’s cutest animals. As a dog owner who really doesn’t have the time to walk your pet often but you need a good companion who seems more particular about snuggling up to you most times than playing, this is your best choice among the laziest dog breeds. I am not sure they will ever get tired of your presence.

13.The Japanese Chin

Laziest Dog BreedsWe know this breed had to make the list for the world’s laziest dog breeds. They need some level of activity though to keep them healthy but they are practically one of the cutest animals and the best companions.

14.The Basset Hound

Laziest Dog BreedsThe Basset Hound is so cute, I am sure dog owners who have this breed are content with its ability to sleep all through the day but it will readily wake up and stay awake to keep you company as long as you want. They are gentle and loving dogs.

15.The Greyhound

Laziest Dog BreedsThe greyhound has a reputation as a sports animal, it is an excellent sprinter used for dog races but when you permit it, the greyhound will rather lie down and sleep as long as it likes. They will make the best lazy dogs for dog owners who need a large breed that has such a gentle nature.