Elephant grandmas

Grandmothers are such a blessing. Those of us who met our grandmothers have fond memories of absolute love and care we enjoyed from them. They are always there for support and they keep the family together, settling disputes and ensuring only love is felt among the entire family.

Our lucky parents were happy to have the grandmothers around too. They could work for long periods and take long vacations knowing that their homes were in good care under the supervision of the grandmothers.

You know who else is really lucky to have a grandma? This little fella

Elephant grandmas

It is not surprising to see that the Elephant grandmas display this level of authority care and support for their families too. In the elephant’s world, the oldest females rule. They are responsible for the welfare and protection of every member of the herd.

The research studies by animal experts have revealed that the infant elephants survival is dependent on how good the grandmother can take care of it till it attains an age when being independent will be easy.

The video recordings that showed this affection and care shown by the grandmother elephant towards the infant were absolutely spectacular. It is known that not very many animals show this kind of extensive support for an infant in their group.

Elephants can live for as long as seventy years. This means that an older female will witness multiple births and she will be able to administer the necessary love and care to ensure continuity in the line of the elephant.

The bond between the grandmother elephant and the infants is really spectacular. The males do not play any significant roles in the upbringing of an infant. They are known to wander away on their own as soon as they become independent.

The role of Elephant Grandmas in their group?

Elephant grandmas

  • Older female elephants assume the leaders of their group.
  • They know the entire region and can easily lead the group to sources of good water.
  • They assume responsibility of watching over the infant elephants in the group.
  • They also protect the entire group from any danger.

Studying the elephants has the potentials of revealing secrets that can be useful to us humans. The elephants live as long as humans do, their existence is worthy of the attention shown by reputable scientists who relocate to places like Kenya and India where there are many elephants living in their natural habitat. The research work that has been carried out previously is also a source of useful information that will be used by the scientists to follow up from where their predecessors left off in the field research work.

Elephant grandmas

One fact that stands out, we can learn a lot from the elephants. The natural instinct of the older females to take charge of the group is something to applaud. It is no wonder many scientists go out into the world looking for patterns and resources that can be used to create models to make our lives even better.