does your dog really love you?

Probably that all relies on how you define love for another species. According to the Nova documentary, dogs decoded there are more pet dogs than babies in the world, nearly half a billion! so let’s find out about pooches and why we love them so, shall we?

5. Your Dog is A Stress Buster

5 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Your Dog

There’s something called oxytocin, this is the body’s love drug and it plays a role in bonding. So how does your dog stack up to a baby and mother bonding in the oxytocin department?

Well, dogs and their dog owners engaged in a session of petting and researchers took their blood in urine samples before and after, now oxytocin was non-existent at the start but then after 1 and 3 minutes, it was released and burst in both humans and dogs and this mimics the same peak flow pattern that you would see in a breastfeeding session between mother and infant. So the point here is that oxytocin is a huge stress releaser, so the act of petting your dog can be mutually beneficial. Head over to the next page…