You think your cat may seem in front of you so loving and timid, rubbing his face against you to ask you for love or purring. However, when you’re not near, their sneak nature turns on, and they are ready to steal any food within sight.

Seriously, cat owners should be careful when their cats try to get their paws on human food. Many foods, even common ones they love, like milk, can give them upset stomachs or worse. Chocolate and onions are especially dangerous and should be kept away far out of reach.

Anyway, here’s a list of evil Thieves in activities. Maybe you might need to keep an eye on your food after this.

#15 Cookies snatcherAdorable Cat

#14 Top-class thief

#13 Never let go

#12 “Itz ma pen”

Adorable Cat

#11 Diehard milk lover

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