If you’re having a baby, congrats! Or, then again maybe a grandchild will visit soon, what fun! In either occasion, focusing on your resident felines and giving appropriate introductions will set you up, the child, and the cat(s) for a quiet and even cheerful time together.

we’re going to show you how to teach your small children to appropriately interact with cats. Here are five tips to help your small children and cats get along just fine.

5. Pet Right

Petting your cat is a great way for a cat and small child to bond. It’s very important that the child is taught the correct way to pet your cat. Encourage them to use open softer strokes on their backs, necks and the top of their heads. avoiding face, the paws, tails, and the belly. Doing this regularly will help your cat feel more comfortable with a small child and help them bond really well.                Head over to the next page…