Dogs make a good company, dog owners understand how good it feels to walk with your loving pet outdoors. Playing with them at the park is also a great activity for the dog and owner; this is how to show your dog love among other ways.

We cannot keep the dogs from coming out so it is important to learn the basic ways to handle dogs while they are outdoors with us. It is a scary experience to witness a dogfight; the memories can leave little children scarred for a long time. We advocate that dog owners should use the following methods to keep their dogs and others safe while outside the home.

9. Meeting another dog

Dog Owner

Dogs are extremely curious and they are also unpredictable especially when the owner is not paying particular attention. Please permit your dog to BRIEFLY greet other dogs, avoid a confrontational approach and observe the body language of both dogs too. Your dog will sense your energy, it is important that you remain calm during this short meet with other dogs. Head over to the next page for more….