The Weird 5 Cat Sounds And What They Really Mean

The house cat will talk more than the feral or farm cat, who will have a much smaller vocabulary.

The house cat realizes that the spoken word is some importance to its human owners, as those owners will usually reinforce actions (feeding the cat, opening the door, etc.) with spoken language. The cat will then reinforce his actions (going to his food bowl, sitting by the door, etc. ) with spoken language.

Most owners will recognize many of their cats’ phrases such as the trill of welcome, the happy or anxious miaow, the bloodcurdling howl of fighting.
Here are some of my favorite cat sounds and what they mean

6. The Chatter

A cat will sometimes ‘chatter’. This odd sound is made by chattering the teeth together and is often heard when a cat is indoors, looking out of the window at a bird just out of reach. The cat has actually shaped his mouth into the correct shape to make a killing bite and then makes the chattering sound of frustration.

Some cats will also make the killing bite shape with their mouths, the lips drew back from the teeth, but will make a pathetic mewling sound as if in pain. Head over to the next page…