30 Things You Need to Stop Wasting Your Time On

wasting your time

Are you wasting your time? Many people will admit that they get irritated when other people end up wasting their time, this can be times you are in a queue and the lady in front seems to have endless questions or when someone places an order for your products only to find out they have gone with an alternative choice after you have prepared your delivery. The bottom line is that many people will not be happy if their time is wasted.

How important is time? Well, we don’t like people wasting our time, how effectively do we manage the time we have control over? There are many ways you can end up wasting your time, and the good news is you can make an effort to avoid these situations.

I have compiled a list of unnecessary actions that will essentially make you end up wasting your time, and what you can do to avoid this from happening.

1. Keeping busy with unnecessary activities

It is easy to immerse yourself in an activity you enjoy rather than share quality time with your best friend or other loved ones. These activities in many cases rarely add value to your life but the distraction will make you become distanced from your loved ones missing out quality moments that might never be had again. It is the little things that matter, those short moments of laughter that leave the best memories. Give up being selfish, allow others into your life, go for long walks, find out their worries and how you can help, make other people feel loved and you will also feel loved.

2. Having a tight schedule always

The truth is you will make out time for things that matter to you. Plan your time to have some free moments you can share with your loved ones. This is one of the important things in a relationship. Make time in as many evenings a possible to be with your loved ones. You can always create time for this and it is equally rewarding.

3. Stop being negative

You will be amazed at how just being negative can lead you to waste your time. When you dwell on your problems, you become stagnant and inactive, thus wasting time that should be spent making the changes you want in your life. Learn to look at the brighter side of life, smile more, and find a friend to talk about your worries. It is never the end of the road except you say it is.

4. Avoid negative and bitter people

These people will make you feel bad about yourself and others. Never get stuck in negativity, look forward always, there so much you can still do- be positive.

5. Bothering about your wants

Don’t waste your time worrying about what you don’t have yet. This vacuum will create the chance to dream about it till you can eventually get it. Stop wasting your time thinking about this especially because many people are out there envying you for what you already have.

6. Engaging in unhealthy competition

Everything goes wrong when you get into a competition with someone because you want to be like them and better be yourself. Comparing yourself with others is the quickest way to become very sad, you do not want this to happen.

7. Dwelling on the past

You should know that there is not one perfect person. We have all made mistakes and you are not alone in this regards so forget the past and forge ahead. You will be wasting your time by thinking of the past, instead, go about making better decisions from this very day.

8. Giving up on self-development because of past mistakes

Many people do this; they overlook opportunities to improve themselves because of past mistakes. You are still alive and there are more chances of becoming a better you. Never let these opportunities go, stop wasting your time and start making amends.

9. Allowing others to get you upset

Happy people have found a way to live their lives without being too serious or reacting when something personal is said about them. You shouldn’t waste time by reacting to every comment or action made because there are really nothing you can do to change other people’s opinion about them without wasting your time.

10. Be honest with yourself

It is easy to waste time pretending to be someone else, you are a unique version of a special person, not made to be another person so why will you want to change this? Be true to who you are always.

11. Feeling unsatisfied with the current state of your life

We that are alive have every right to enjoy life. This means you live according to your principles- what makes you happy- this way you will not waste your time by spending countless hours thinking of what you need to do next.

12. Living according to other people’s standards

You should create your own standards. Don’t ever settle for less; don’t live according to what other people have limited you to. Be free, be curious, and live to the fullest.

13. People who are interested in taking advantage of you

Finding the one for you can happen in many ways, but you have to be careful because many people out there that might seem like the “perfect match” are only looking at what they can gain from you without giving anything back in return. Don’t allow yourself to be put in this position, keep an open mind about relationships but think with your head.

14. Attempting to make everyone happy

Attempting to please everyone will leave you regretting about wasted time. Many people will never be satisfied and others will not acknowledge your efforts. It is best to do what you can within your limits, not everyone will like you so just be the best version of you stop wasting time trying to please everyone.

15. Living under the limitations of fear

Being afraid of making a bold move can cause you to waste your time. Living a life of mediocrity for many years that would have been spent doing something better with your life is usually the result of living in fear. Face that fear and overcome it, try to be proactive about anything you need to do and never give up.

16. lack of confidence in your abilities

When you feel like you might fail at anything you can become better prepared by getting more information about it, this way you will avoid wasting your time because you know what must be done and how to do it.

17. Listening to people who don’t believe in you

These people are everywhere and frankly, you are wasting your time listening to them. All they have to talk about is how “you can’t do it.” Avoid negative people at all costs; be with people who believe in your dreams.

18. Waiting for the perfect time to act

Don’t waste time waiting for the perfect time to act. Happy people take the bold step to do things that make them happy; waiting for the perfect time to take that vacation or get more education in your career field can lead to wasted time that would have been spent running with your vision.

19. Avoiding the problems that stare you in the face

Your problems will not magically go away by avoiding them. You need to face these issues and find lasting solutions not temporary resolutions to these problems.

20. Making uninformed decisions

When you make a decision based on unreliable information, you will most likely end up with the wrong results. Don’t waste your time guessing the right things when you can conduct a little research to discover the correct information that will help you make the best judgments. Remember that your mind is like a sponge, it absorbs what it is exposed to, and you should always read useful and important materials concerning your life goals.

21. Becoming upset over a mistake made by other people

I personally think this is a wasted time because getting upset because of another person’s error will not solve the problem and it has only negative effects on you. Nobody is perfect so expect people to mess up sometimes and try to help them in any way you can. Don’t waste time thinking about how bad or unreliable someone is.

22. Keeping Malice

Who really gains from keeping malice with other people? You will just be wasting your time letting this feeling take a strong hold of your mind because the odds are that the people you hate are not even aware of how you feel or they don’t care. If you feel bad about anything, please talk about it and strive to resolve it quickly.

23. being hateful

We know there are people that become this way due to many things that happened to them while growing up but dwelling on feelings like this is a total waste of time. If you find yourself in a situation like this you should seek professional help to overcome these retrogressive feelings.

24. Regretting the loss of an opportunity

We all make mistakes and maybe lose an opportunity to get something. This can be hard and the regrets that will follow can keep you away from trying harder next time. The result of this is wasted time that would have been spent preparing for the next opportunity to give your best. There will always be other opportunities so keep preparing for the next turn and when it comes, you will surely be the best among other contenders.

25. Using old and obsolete methods

You will end up wasting your time by trying to achieve big results using old methods. We live in a world that is rapidly evolving in every way, there are better innovations introduced to make processes even quicker. You should stop wasting time by trying to use older methods to achieve quicker results when there are better ways to go about it using new technology.

26. Being pessimistic

Having this attitude can keep you from being proactive. Stay positive and believe that only the best can happen to you.

27. Permitting procrastination

Don’t waste time by permitting procrastination, do what you need to do at the right time. The good thing about this is that the benefits are really encouraging when you see the good results you will want to continue this way.

28. Looking down on yourself

We may be forming a negative habit of making assumptions about other people. For example, you might assume that people will never grant your requests and so you stay away from making that bold move. Rejection can be hurtful but you should make a bold move to get what you want with a positive mindset.

29. Permitting paranoia in your relationship

The important things in a relationship include trust, respect, and communication. You can avoid ending up with wasted time due to a failed relationship by being more open to communication and trusting your partner. This way, you build a relationship that will last till you eventually hear the wedding bells.

30. Staying in a pointless relationship

If you are honest with yourself you will know if your relationship is headed in the right direction. As much as it is important to try your best to improve your relationship, you should never let those precious years go by as wasted time because you kept on holding on to a relationship you knew would never last.

Time is precious; it is an amazing gift we get in equal measure every day. You must use your time to the best capacity in order to avoid regrets, stay happy and make people around you very happy. You will only lose by wasting your time so ensure that this never happens.

I hope you have learned some useful tips from this article, please use them as often as you can to make the best out of your time alive. There is still so much to be done, and it depends on how well you can manage your time to fit all these activities into your life.

Your turn…

What do you need to stop wasting your time on?

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