When the homeless Poodle Dolly was found by her rescuers, her fur was completely matted. It was bad to the extent where they couldn’t even figure it out if it is a female or a male dog.

After receiving a phone call about Dolly, Hope for Paws was on their way to help the neglected poodle. Being on her own and mistreated led to her not trusting humans and being afraid of her rescuers. Luckily she eventually let her guard down and they were able to take her to a groomer, who gave her the transformation of her life.

All Dolly needed to be was getting rid of the matted fur and some love. Afterwards, she was no longer scared of humans and prepared to find a happy home. Shortly after she was rescued the Forgotten Dog Foundation found her a new family, which now gives her all the care and love she deserves.

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