Two-Headed Kitten

Two-headed snakes or turtles are a more common sight but a two-headed kitten is a sight indeed!

It is always fascinating when nature surprises us with these kinds of abnormalities but even though they are with a certain kind of beauty they don’t last very long. Maybe it is nature’s way to remind us that all that is nice lasts short.

Two-Headed Kitten Purrs and Eats Only From One Mouth…

The kitty was delivered at a vet’s surgery in Perth, Australia after the mother cat experienced complications during the labor. One of the nurses that helped during the labor told the website InMyComunity that all that were at the delivery room were in shock; she stated that she has already seen many times two-tailed or cats with more than four legs but this is her first experience with a two-headed kitten!

It was said that the kitty survived the night; he ate from one mouth even though he has four eyes, two noses he meows simultaneously from two mouths.

A two-headed kitten was born in Ohio but he died after five days, but not this grey and white fellow! This little guy started eating the very first night he was born and so far is doing amazingly great. The nurse who gave the interview said that eating and surviving the first night it was a good sign and they are hoping for the best. She also said that this two-headed form was a result of a congenital deformity, which happens when something is wrong at the early stage of embryonic development.

Check out the Video Next if you want to see this for yourself! It really is a sight to behold!