Tall people are usually being looked to as blessed and gifted. However, it’s a problem for others as a result of health issues, clothes that they’ll wear and plenty of different things.

Let’s have a look at the Top Tallest women in the world:

Yao Defen 

Tallest Women

This Chinese woman stood at 7 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 279 kilograms according to the Guinness book of records.

Yao is the tallest living woman in history. Her tall height was a result of a tumor in her pituitary gland. She was born as a normal-sized baby in 1972 and died in 2012 in Chichen China at the age of 40.

Sandy Allen

Tallest Women

Sandy Allen was 7 for 7 inches tall and was recognized as the tallest woman during her lifetime according to the Guinness book of records.

Sandy was born as an average girl in 1955 in Chicago. Her condition was caused by a tumor in her pituitary gland that led to an uncontrollable release of growth hormone. She had surgery to correct her condition at the age of 22 to prevent the continued growth that would lead to medical problems associated with this condition.

Malgorzata Dydek


This polish international basketball player was known as the tallest female basketball standing at 7 feet 2 inches. She played in the central position for Connecticut sun in the WNBA and later coached north wizard in the basketball league of Queensland. she was born in 1974 and died in 2011 at the age of 37 after a heart attack.

Zainab Bibi


The tallest woman in Pakistan stood at 7 feet 2 inches and source asylum in Britain for unusual heights. She applied to stay permanently in Britain, but her application was declined

Zainab is considered one of the top 10 tallest women in the world right now.

Uljana Semjonova


Uljana stood at 6 feet 11 inches tall and played basketball for seven years. She was born in the Soviet union in 1952.

The retired basketball player was among the leading players in the world in the nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties. She also had the largest feet ever for a female basketball player and wore a size 21 shoes.

Gitika Srivastava


This Indian woman stands at 6 feet 11 inches tall and was a member of the basketball team of India. Her father was also a basketball player and equally tall at 7 feet 4 inches.
It is clear that she got her height from her father. 

Malee Duangdee


This tall girl was a potential contender for the tallest girl in the world. She stood at 6 feet 10 inches in 2009 making her the tallest known girl. A tumor in her pituitary gland was the reason for her height.

Malee unsuccessfully underwent two surgeries to remove the tumor and was left only with the option of tumors shrinking drugs. Sadly, Malee died from a heart attack at the age of 24.

Caroline Welz


This German woman stands at 6 feet 9 inches and currently joined taller women in the country.

Caroline was born in 1986 wears size 15 shoes and works as a tailor also a part-time model.