37 Stress Management Activities to Regain Control of Your Life

stress management activities

It is possible to identify the stress factors in our lives, but preventing them from causing us stress is another thing. In many instances, the causes of stress might seem like compulsory activities we cannot do without, so the common reaction is that many people just accept the stress as part of their lives. The consequence is living an unfulfilled life, being constantly angry and bitter at the world and at you for not doing anything about it. But this is where you are wrong, there are many stress management activities you can adopt to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Why do we need stress management activities?

It is actually very unhealthy to allow stress take a strong hold on your life without doing anything about it. We need these stress management activities to help us relieve stress and be happy again, it is all about becoming a better version of you. Living under stress will also make you prone to illness and many kinds of diseases. This is because stress reduces your immunity; a compromised immunity will evidently reduce your productivity in all the areas of your life.

We have listed useful tips on how to manage stress and ultimately get out of that unhealthy zone for good.

Take two steps back

Learning how to deal with stress might require you to take a recess anytime you feel stressed. This will give you time to reconsider the situation and find out better ways to solve your problem. Without this quiet time of deep thought aimed at finding a solution, you will keep repeating the old methods that are not getting the desired results this means more stress. It is actually proactive to seriously think about effective ways to solve your problems as a means of reducing stress.

Imagine a stress free life

When faced with a bad situation that might set off the stress triggers, you must calm down at that point and visualize peace and calm. There are many stress relieving activities you can adopt to use for times like this. A good one is taking a long bath while you visualize peace and serenity, shut out the stress and focus on feeling the peace you generated from this stress relieving activity.

Don’t forget the magical effects of a massage

stress management activitiesA massage can work wonders in times of stress. You can learn simple ways to give yourself a massage, either by rubbing your shoulders or arms to feel good again. These actions are stress relieving activities and they have the ability to make you forget about the cause of anxiety at that time.

Try Homeopathy

Studies have shown that homeopathy is effective in reducing stress for some people; you might just fall in this category. It is worth a try.

Smile more often

A smile is always beautiful even on a stress beaten face. You look younger when you smile. Happy people have excellent ways of dealing with stress; they never let it get to them so practice smiling more as a regular stress management activity.

Use a rating scale for the cause of your worry

We should learn to stop wasting our time on things that don’t really matter; using a rating scale will give you a clear idea just how important the cause of your stress is. By rating your worry on a scale of 1 to 10 you should have a good idea if it is worth all the worry.

Keep your jaws relaxed

Many people can relate having a tensed jaw to feeling extremely anxious about something. One of your stress relieving activities should be keeping your jaws relaxed. Also, try to avoid gritting your teeth as this has a negative effect on your mind when you face stress. Discover ways to relax, there are many options and there is surely a way that will work for you.


stress management activitiesEverything goes wrong when stressful situations are let to spiral out of control. You should never lose grip of the situation. Meditation calms you down. You can create a mantra to help you focus on meditation. A good mantra will remind you that of your strength and your ability to go through this tough period.

Work on your chi

Chi Qigong is an ancient Chinese activity that channels your inner energy through your body. It is a good practice for people who can master these techniques. Reinventing yourself by mastering your chi is one of the effective stress management activities that will help you build a stronger mind, one that can withstand the pressure of stress long enough to come up with a lasting solution for the problem.

Be strong

Many people feel it is easier to play the victim anytime they face stress. You shouldn’t do this; you should be strong in the face of adversities. Regularly practicing the stress relieving activities will make you quickly adopt the best action most suitable to alleviate the worries you are facing at that particular time. Be strong but stop bragging about it, instead help others to be as strong as you are when they face stressful situations.

Write it down

Clearly writing down your worries is a good way to go about analyzing your problems with the aim of finding a good solution. Learning how to relieve stress will entail understanding what has caused it in the first place.

Think before you act

To avoid making mistakes when you are put on the spot, you will have to slow down, reduce the intensity of your actions, start thinking more about what you are going through, think carefully before every action. We don’t want a situation where everything goes wrong.

Try decaf

stress management activities

You can get professional assistance to switching your beverage to decaf. This should be carefully done because there might be adverse effects if you quickly abandon the use of coffee after many years of drinking it.

Stand your ground

Many times, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations because we are unable to say no to the other party. You should learn to stand your ground. Look out for what is best for you rather than going through that stress to please someone who might not even appreciate it. This is a good way to reduce stress; you will feel happy with yourself afterward.

Fill your room with the scent of rock salts soaked in oils

Being creative when it comes to devising more means of effective stress management activities should ultimately be encouraged. Rock salts that have absorbed nice smelling oils give off a scent proven to be a good stress reliever. You can put some in a small bottle that can be carried with you anywhere you go.

Rub your hands together

During the course of learning how to deal with stress, many effective methods have been used satisfactorily. This is just one of them. Rub your palms together until they begin to feel warm, and then hold them up over your eyes and face. The warm feeling is soothing and the darkness over your eyes will complement the good feeling that comes with this activity.

Learn how to manipulate your pressure points

We have pressure points in our bodies that can be manipulated to reduce stress. This is similar to the acupuncture technique only without the use of needles. These pressure points are the area where the nose connects with the forehead, at the back of the neck just below the skull, one inch below the shoulder blades at the base of the neck.

Allocate the time for worry

Simply put you can master how to deal with stress by allocating a special time to worry and rant about your situation. This way, you have more control over the stress triggers.

Engage in physical activities

stress management activities

Physical activities are stress management activities. You can choose exercises that work on your muscles which bear the full weight of stress. You should also focus on your neck and back.

Indulge yourself a little

Having some snacks and sweets can help you reduce stress. This should be done with some control because if it becomes a habit, you will have more than stress to contend with.

Take your vitamins

The body has its own stress relieving mechanism. Without the regular stress management activities, you can ensure that your system is aided by consuming the right amount of vitamins to aid the resilience against the effects going through stress can cause your body.

Text your partner to get ready for a good night

Having sex has been known to reduce stress. The sexual act releases endorphins in the body; these are compounds that can improve your mood remarkably.

Acknowledge that you are stressed

A positive affirmation that you are currently undergoing stress will stimulate your mind to accept this fact and you can gain control of your emotions.

Appraise a natural environment

You can just take a walk and look out at the trees or even the sky. Just appreciate the natural environment; this will take your mind off your worries. Many people confirm this as one of their favorite stress relieving activities.

Do you like tea?

A steaming cup of your favorite tea can go a long way in taking your mind off that worry.

Go for a run

Stress management activities are focused on encouraging you to overcome the stress by developing your mind. Running will make your mind more alert and much more poised to tackle the challenges.

Have a long hot bath in a tub

stress management activitiesSoaking yourself in a hot bath has magical effects on your entire body. You will definitely rise out of the water feeling much better than when you went into the tub.

What kind of music do you like?

Don’t waste your time feeling bitter about your situation. Get out your favorite music and have a great time. Music has such a magical effect on the mind. Within minutes, you will realize a smile is n your lips while you sing along.

Get a pet

This is a suggestion for people who have been considering how to deal with stress for a long time. Getting a cute little puppy will do the trick. Studies have shown that people who own dogs rarely suffer from high blood pressure health complications.

Learn to stay alerted

Finding ways to keep your mind alert will help you to deal effectively with stress, you will be able together your thoughts effectively coming up with a good solution.

Talk with someone

You should consider sharing your worries with a good family member or friend. The aim is to voice out your feelings and you will most likely get some useful tips.

Stretch out your muscles

Now you know why the common stretches feel so good. Stretching out your muscles is a good way of dealing with stress. You can try many kinds of yoga to achieve this aim.

Pray about it

Prayer works for religious people who believe in it, if you are a religious person, you can adopt consistent prayer in the time of stress as one of your stress management activities.

Plan social events with friends

stress management activitiesThis can be as simple as going to see a new movie at the cinema or hanging out at a popular bar.

Don’t be shy to fool around

Causing a funny scene can lead to a good laugh in the office, this effectively brightens up the mood generally and you will feel better. After the laugh, your mind will be in a better position to analyze your situation.

Practice good sitting and sleeping positions

It is true people under pressure tend to slouch over their desks or adopt bad sleeping positions that will add to their stress by causing discomforting aches and pains. You should try to sit upright to aid the flow of blood through your body at all times. Good sleeping positions also ensure you get a good night rest which can determine your level of productivity the next day.

Do you like flowers?

Walking around a flower garden has magical effects on the mind. You can effectively overcome anxiety by just being around beautiful flowers. If there are flower gardens close to you, never miss the opportunity to try this stress management activity out.