Have you ever wondered how the President makes his decisions?

Every president has a cabinet made up of specially appointed officers whose responsibilities are to work with the president and help him make the best decisions that will benefit the citizens of the country. Donald Trump has made some bold and controversial decisions since he became president. We are curious about those trusted aides – the most powerful people currently- who work with him behind closed doors to brainstorm these decisions. This is a list of ten influential Americans who are currently working with the Donald Trump administration behind the scenes. They are powerful people who stay away from the media.

10. Chris Liddell

Powerful People

Chris Liddell has an impressive background in finance and investment; we can guess this is why he was the obvious choice for the job of the Director of strategic initiatives in the White House. He has an impressive resume after holding high ranking positions in many big American organizations. We believe he will bring his wealth of experience to improve the American financial economy now that he is one of the most powerful men that has the president’s ears. Head over to the next page