Couple Who Adopted 20-Year-Old Cat Abandoned By Owner, Made The Last Chapter Of His Life The Happiest!

The 20-year-old cat Tigger gained his fame after the couple who adopted him posted his bucket list on the Internet. The poor old cat was abandoned by his owner at a shelter until Adriene Nicole and her boyfriend, Michael decided to give him a forever home.

Tigger was suffering from kidney failure and a rather large tumor on his body. His age stopped him from having surgery, but it wasn’t something that prevented him from having the best time of his life. The lovely couple made a bucket list for Tigger and he was able to go on a lot of journeys. Trips to the beach, visiting relatives in Florida and even some adventures in Baltimore.

Unfortunately, he passed away peacefully after his 22nd birthday, but he will remain forever in his family’s heart.

Would you make a bucket list for your cat?

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