baby snowwhite

Baby Devina is rocking the internet right now.

On May 1st, 2017, Jessica Smith of Mississippi gave birth to her daughter. The birth went well, but as soon as the nurses and her mother laid eyes upon the baby, they were shocked. Her hair was icy white. She also had a lot more hair than you would normally expect on a newborn baby.

Devina’s family say that the hair of the child reminds them of Daenerys, one of the most popular characters in the Game of Thrones franchise. They say that her hair has the same ‘magical glow’.

There is a medical reason for Devina’s hair. She suffers from a condition called partial albinism. While there are unlikely to be any health issues from her partial albinism, the child will need to undergo regular eye examinations as she gets older. Other than this, she is going to lead a nice, healthy life!

The latest photographs of Devina are going viral online! Viewers to eh pictures are stunned by how wonderful her hair looks. Many readers are likening her to a baby doll. While she is still a touch on the small side and can’t be taken outside by her family at the moment, they claim that the comments they have been receiving from their friends has been the same!

Check out the photos next if you want to see this baby for yourself! It really is a sight to behold!