20 Great Habits For Healthy Hair You Should Adopt

healthy hair

We shouldn’t be having memories of when our hair was healthy and shiny because we can keep it healthy and good looking as long as we maintain the right hair care habits that will support hair growth and a good appearance. Good looking healthy hair will make you look younger and more vibrant.

The idea of having healthy hair is not as difficult as many people think. Our list of the best twenty habits to keep your hair healthy contains many useful tips.

20. The top on our list of healthy hair tips is treating your hair with plain white vinegar after washing it with shampoo. Vinegar brightens the hair and gives it a unique luster. Apply some b=vinegar on your hair and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

19. Avocado has many health benefits so we are not surprised it also promotes healthy hair. For a good looking and healthy hair, apply naturally sourced avocado mask on your hair at least once a month to maintain its beauty. It also promotes hair growth.

18. Choosing to wash your hair with raw eggs rather than shampoo will promote natural hair growth, it also moisturizes the hair making it healthy and firmer.

healthy hair17. For a healthy hair, avoid washing your hair too frequently, this will cause an excessive loss of oil which will not be good for your scalp. A dry scalp will hinder natural hair growth.

16. Avoid shampoo that contains sulfates, this can be done by carefully reading the labels on the products you might want to buy. Sulfates have adverse effects on the hair; they make the hair dry and brittle. This will also hinder hair growth.