20 Great Habits For Healthy Hair You Should Adopt

healthy hair

We shouldn’t be having memories of when our hair was healthy and shiny because we can keep it healthy and good looking as long as we maintain the right hair care habits that will support hair growth and a good appearance. Good looking healthy hair will make you look younger and more vibrant.

The idea of having healthy hair is not as difficult as many people think. Our list of the best twenty habits to keep your hair healthy contains many useful tips.

1. The top on our list of healthy hair tips is treating your hair with plain white vinegar after washing it with shampoo. Vinegar brightens the hair and gives it a unique luster. Apply some b=vinegar on your hair and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

2. Avocado has many health benefits so we are not surprised it also promotes healthy hair. For a good looking and healthy hair, apply naturally sourced avocado mask on your hair at least once a month to maintain its beauty. It also promotes hair growth.

3. Choosing to wash your hair with raw eggs rather than shampoo will promote natural hair growth, it also moisturizes the hair making it healthy and firmer.

healthy hair4. For a healthy hair, avoid washing your hair too frequently, this will cause an excessive loss of oil which will not be good for your scalp. A dry scalp will hinder natural hair growth.

5. Avoid shampoo that contains sulfates, this can be done by carefully reading the labels on the products you might want to buy. Sulfates have adverse effects on the hair; they make the hair dry and brittle. This will also hinder hair growth.

6. To prevent tangling and breaking while you sleep, pack your hair in loose braids before you go to bed.

7. A healthy scalp supports healthy hair. It is important to massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation. This action aids the natural growth of hair. Scalp stimulation is done with the use of a wooden bristle brush.

healthy hair8. During the hot weather, shield your hair from direct sunlight. It is also important to prevent chlorine and salt water from coming in contact with your hair.

9. For healthy hair, practice the habit of letting your hair dry without the use of blow dryers. If you have to use a blow dryer often, you should consider applying a good hair conditioner that will protect your hair.

10. Always ensure that your hair is properly dried before going to bed at night. This will prevent your hair from breaking due to retained moisture over a long time.

11. The proper way to use hot curling irons, heat irons and straighteners is to apply a spray conditioner to protect the hair from excessive heat that can have damaging effects.

12. A good remedy for split ends and dry scalp is the use of argan oil. If you want to have a healthy hair all through your life, this product should be a regular feature in your hair treatment and care kit.

13. Your hair will break easily and become weak if you habitually brush it when it is wet or damp. For healthy hair, make sure it is properly dried before brushing it.

14. Avoid using dyes and bleaching products on your hair. I am sure you don’t know the exact constituents of these products. They can contain harmful compounds that will damage your hair. If you have to dye your hair, use a product that has been recommended by a professional hair treatment and care attendant.

healthy hair15. To maintain healthy and strong hair, you should use satin or silk pillow cases in your bedding. These materials will not damage your hair by friction while you sleep.

16. The best remedy for damaged hair with persistent split ends is to regularly trim your hair until the healthy hair grows back to fill up the damaged parts.

17. Vitamin supplements rich in biotin are recommended to support healthy hair growth and it supplies the necessary nutrients needed for natural hair growth. Biotin-rich supplements can be found in the regular beauty and hair treatment shops.

18. Avoid stress at all costs. We all know the torture stress can put your body through, this can happen to your hair too. Going through stress will affect the appearance of your hair. To have a beautiful and healthy hair, practice the basic stress management tips and get enough sleep.

19. Eat healthy meals. Your diet will determine how healthy your hair is. Eating healthy will provide all the right nutrients your hair needs to grow naturally and look beautiful.

20. Form the habit of using rich and naturally enhancing masks to provide the right amount of nourishment for your hair. Your choice of masks should be those products rich in vitamins and oils.

Practicing these tips regularly will make your hair look beautiful, it will be strong and you will experience fewer occurrences of hair breaking. It is important to get enough sleep, your body functions better when you have had good rest. And remember to avoid stress to sustain your healthy hair.