Some dogs just love to be pampered. They love the whole process, the extra special attention that comes with being groomed and taken care of. Other dogs? There’s probably a million other places they would rather be than at the vet or groomer.

That’s definitely the case with a puppy named Oreo who is on camera at her local vet clinic in Leesburg, GA.

The video, which has been posted to Facebook by Bobbie Lee, has been viewed over 2.2 million times already. It’s only Oreo’s second visit to her vet to have some grooming done, but it’s clear she still has vivid memories of her first visit.

In the clip, Orea is already hooked snugly into a harness to help hold her up for the grooming. As the veterinary assistant holds onto the little puppy, she starts making an overwhelmingly cute whining noise. You can’t help but laugh along with the assistant as Oreo continues with her high-pitched whines.

Oreo seems to look at her owner pleadingly as she films the situation, hoping for a helping hand. As the assistant tells her, “You’re so funny! Are you mad because I’m laughing at you?”, it almost sounds as if Oreo is adorably whining “Mama” over and over at this point in the video.

We’re sure that as much as Oreo would prefer to be anywhere else than in that office, she was almost certainly the highlight of the day for that assistant!

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