50 Awesome Facts About Japan You Might Not know

Facts About Japan

Japan is truly a wonderful tourist attraction. A visit to japan will expose you to a rich culture still practiced in many parts of the country that has barely been distorted by external influence. We have compiled 50 intriguing facts about Japan that will reveal more about the awesome people who live there.

1. In Japan, there is a unique trend observed among the women when it comes to showing their affection for men. The Japanese females are bold enough to make the first move on men, an action usually accompanied by giving gifts to the men and making them happy.

2. The Japanese enjoy their favorite meals made from fish or meat because they are cheap and affordable, unlike fruits. In Japan, fruits are expensive and the average Japanese will have to make available huge sums of money just to buy the basic fruits like apples, oranges, and watermelons.

3. During the winter, the Japanese have a lot of fun making their snowmen simply with two well-formed snowballs.

4. Japan is characteristically known for its open markets that permit the open sale of pornography to interested buyers, shops have dedicated stands strictly for pornography.

5. Dolphins form a major delicacy in popular Japanese menu; they are mostly preferred to the traditional fish because they taste better especially when used to make popular Japanese soups.

6. Another interesting fact about Japan is the operation of the metro system that allows female only carriages. This is done to protect the women from any form of harassment from their male counterparts in the country.

7. Japanese acknowledge the origins of the famous “Hello Kitty” brand from England.

Facts About Japan
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8. The beginning of every school year in Japan commences from the first day in April and the educational period if divided into trimesters.

9. Timing is taken very seriously in Japan. The entire system is designed not to accommodate any form of delays even as minute as one minute. This is the only country in the world where delays are in no way tolerated.

10. The educational system in japan prohibits the wearing of tights by female students. The school uniform comprises of basically the regular uniforms worn with knee length socks all through the year, even during winter.