50 Awesome Facts About Japan You Might Not know

Facts About Japan

Japan is truly a wonderful tourist attraction. A visit to japan will expose you to a rich culture still practiced in many parts of the country that has barely been distorted by external influence. We have compiled 50 intriguing facts about Japan that will reveal more about the awesome people who live there.

1. In Japan, there is a unique trend observed among the women when it comes to showing their affection for men. The Japanese females are bold enough to make the first move on men, an action usually accompanied by giving gifts to the men and making them happy.

2. The Japanese enjoy their favorite meals made from fish or meat because they are cheap and affordable, unlike fruits. In Japan, fruits are expensive and the average Japanese will have to make available huge sums of money just to buy the basic fruits like apples, oranges, and watermelons.

3. During the winter, the Japanese have a lot of fun making their snowmen simply with two well-formed snowballs.

4. Japan is characteristically known for its open markets that permit the open sale of pornography to interested buyers, shops have dedicated stands strictly for pornography.

5. Dolphins form a major delicacy in popular Japanese menu; they are mostly preferred to the traditional fish because they taste better especially when used to make popular Japanese soups.

6. Another interesting fact about Japan is the operation of the metro system that allows female only carriages. This is done to protect the women from any form of harassment from their male counterparts in the country.

7. Japanese acknowledge the origins of the famous “Hello Kitty” brand from England.

Facts About Japan
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8. The beginning of every school year in Japan commences from the first day in April and the educational period if divided into trimesters.

9. Timing is taken very seriously in Japan. The entire system is designed not to accommodate any form of delays even as minute as one minute. This is the only country in the world where delays are in no way tolerated.

10. The educational system in japan prohibits the wearing of tights by female students. The school uniform comprises of basically the regular uniforms worn with knee length socks all through the year, even during winter.

11. Sadly, it is very common to hear about suicides in Japan. Reports indicate that these suicides are usually cone out of loyalty or in accordance with an order from a respectable member of the family as punishment for a crime.

12. One noticeable fact about Japan is the way the women dress, it is common to see a Japanese lady wear extremely short skirts that reveal a lot to an onlooker. However, the society frowns at dressing that exposes the bust line.

Facts About Japan

13. One notable thing about japan facts is that the issue of honor is not taken lightly and this has been proven by the voluntary resignation of several prime ministers when they were unable to meet the needs of their people as leaders.

14. The Japanese parents still actively make conscious arrangements for their children to get married. This is traditionally referred to as “Omiai.”

15. The northern parts of Japan are cold, the streets and sidewalks don’t get covered up in snow during winter because they are heated up to prevent the accumulation of snow.

16. Japan has one of the highest rates of employee deaths in the world. An estimated 10,000 Japanese workers die annually.

17. There are no laws in Japan prohibiting smoking in the public places, the only places where smoking is not allowed is to the airport and the railway stations.

18. It is against the law to throw ash from smoking on the ground hence smokers move around with personal ashtrays to contain their ash.

19. Japan remains the last country in the world that still exists as an empire.

20. The Japanese cuisine is unique and tasty, rich in nourishment and good for health. While eating, it is expected that the guests should praise the food at regular intervals during a meal.

Facts About Japan

21. Some Japan facts are very curious too, the Japanese eat raw Horse meat. This is prepared by cutting the meat into thin strips before serving. This meal is known as “Basashi.”

22. One of the major facts about Japan is the use of three distinctive writing systems namely- the syllabic writing skill with Japanese swords known as hiragana, the katakana which are those alphabets used for words, not in the original Japanese context and the hieroglyphic writing called-kanji.

23. The workforce in Japan is made up of the mainly Japanese citizens since they are paid lower than foreign professionals.

24. A majority of the railway system run in Japan are privately owned with the exception of the newer high-speed trains that run through the major cities in Japan.

25. Courtesy is shown by the Japanese people in a variety of ways which includes engaging in conversations, being respectful and polite; the women are remarkably more polite and respectful than the Japanese men.

26. Another cultural fact about Japan to be noted is the use of number positions to identify the different months in a year, for example, the September is referred to as “kugatsu” meaning the ninth month.

27. A majority of the population in Japan is made up of 98.4% ethnic Japanese.

Facts About Japan

28. The average Japanese person will never show an unwillingness to help you even if they don’t want to. They will keep postponing the request for assistance with polite excuses until you get the message.

29. Another important point to note about the facts in Japan is the high level of safety. Tokyo is reported to be one of the safest cities in the world where young children can safely use the public transport systems alone.

30. There is a peculiar citation in the ninth article of the Japanese constitution that forsakes war and prohibits the formation of Japanese military forces.

31. In Japan, all forms of waste are recycled for other uses.

32. There are special collector bins on the streets used for the collection of recyclable waste.

33. There are no special arrangements for pension in Japan. The retired elderly citizens are left to be catered for by the younger members of the family.

34. The Japanese men are regarded first in any setting. For example, they are served with priority in the restaurants and they are usually recognized first in public.

35. It is convenient to use the public restrooms in Japan, they are mostly fitted with heated seats and the inbuilt noise machines drown any funny sounds while the restrooms are being used.

36. Another funny fact about Japan is that any attempt to leave a tip can be regarded as being rude to the seller.

37. The Fujisan Hongū Sengen Taisha shrine has an absolute ownership of the entire Mount Fujiyama; this private property was claimed as a donation as far back as 1609 given by Takeda Shingen.

Facts About Japan

38. The legally recognized age at which a person can engage in any sexual activity is 13 years.

39. The Japanese context regards “being wrong” and “being different” as the same word represented in the Japanese vocabulary as “chigau.”

40. There is a unique system of warning used to alert Japanese citizens of impending natural disasters. This alarm is incorporated into all the mobile phones in Japan. They are triggered only when necessary and they also feed the citizens with useful information to stay safe during the crisis.

41. The laws in Japan permit capital punishment.

42. Japan has vast forest areas from which wood produced is strictl used within the country with legislations prohibiting the commercial trade in these products.

43. Japanese show courtesy by opening gifts after the person who presented it has left.

44. The average Japanese individual does not believe in openly complaining or showing grief publicly. They hide their emotions behind stiff smiles at all times.

45. The Japanese are known to live very long, the country boasts of the longest life expectancy with the men known to live as long as 81 years and the women living as long as 88 years.

46. Japan has high value for real estate and the right to property that have been in the family for many generations. A good example is the Houshi Ryokan hotel that has been run by the same family since 718. There are also many companies that were founded a very long time ago still being run by the future generations of the founding Japanese citizens.

47. In Japan, the use of a “hanko” a small square seal that represents an official signature is very common. Almost everyone uses these seals during their daily activities.

Facts About Japan

48. It is also amazing to know that the Japanese language has formed commonly used words from foreign literary contexts. A good example is a personal computer which is referred to as “paso kon” in Japanese.

49. A prisoner in Japan is deprived of their right to take part in the voting process during an election.

50. Among the facts about Japan is this rather curious tradition. The extent of loyalty demanded from employees of an organization who are required to remain at work after closing hours until their bosses first leave the office building.