Alysia Laub is a normal 9-year-old from Indiana. Just like other normal girls, she was playing outside. She then heard a noise. She assumed that it was one of the pigs that her family kept, but she decided to check anyway.

What she saw made her scream, sending her mother out rapidly to check on her.
What they saw was a newborn baby with its placenta still attached. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office believe that the baby was less than a day old. The Sheriff at the office, John Buncich, called Elysia a ‘guardian angel’ for the child.

It is unknown how long the child had been out there. It had suffered from sun exposure damage and was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital for treatment. However, initial indications are that bar this sun exposure damage, it is in perfectly good health.

At the moment, the officers are looking after the newborn. They expect that it will be put up for adoption in the near future. The officers are praising Elysia for giving the baby a second chance at life. She claims that she should not be the only one to accept praise.

“I didn’t do this myself” “somebody helped me – God. He put me in that place”

Whether you believe in God or not, we are sure that you can agree that this story is a miracle.

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